Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life


I will help you purge unwanted items by disposal, donation, or re-purposing your items.


I  will work with your schedule to provide exceptional customized home organizational services.


I offer encouragement and have fun while getting you organized!

Step into tranquility and reclaim your peace of mind

Overwhelmed by clutter?

It’s time to transform chaos into serenity.

As a devoted NAPO Professional Organizer, I    understand the emotional burden disorganized spaces bring. 

Let’s revitalize your world!


Let’s embark on your decluttering journey and create spaces that inspire tranquility and productivity.

My Services Include:

  • 30 to 60 minute consultation (phone, in home) (fees may apply)

  • Hands on organizing session(s) in your home

  • Shopping for supplies, with or for the client, if needed

  • Unlimited email/phone/text contact during your project

  • Designing and organizing solutions for your project

  • Arranging appointments with other service providers, as agreed upon

  • Removal of trash/recycling from project area

  • Facilitate removal of items for donation to charities or consignment stores

  • Follow up action items list with completion dates (if needed)

  • Decluttering Chaos ® is fully insured to ease your mind 

Your Guide on Your De-cluttering Journey

Schedule your in-home private consultation, We will review your needs, then set a start date. It’s that easy!

All the tools I’ve acquired are now a gift I have to give to the world. If you don’t know where to start and want to feel better, both in your physical space and inside yourself, I’m here to help. Contact me TODAY for your home consultation (fees may apply). YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO IT ALONE.

Contact Me Today!

If you’ve had it with the clutter and need help getting organized, I’m your locally owned business!

Call, text or e-mail Decluttering Chaos ® in the Contact Me box to get your world organized!!

"I was very impressed with the way I was helped. We went through my sons MANY clothes and updated his closet and drawers. I also had my 19 month old daughter at home while we were organizing things, and Chris was understanding when it came to her needs. I have lots more projects for us to do :)"

Kristen H. 

"Chris dove right in to organizing my living room after I moved in to my new house, and got rid of the goat trails (and more) in short order! I'm mobility-impaired, and she also carried stuff out to the shed and upstairs. Can't wait to have her back!"

Michael S.

"I have used Decluttering Chaos, LLC. several times for help in organizing my business. Chris is a professional who knows her stuff! She has shown me how to properly organize my office and it has helped me run it more proficiently. Decluttering Chaos is perfect for any of your needs and I highly recommend using them."

Robin B.