About Me

“Understanding my clients and their unique stories is key to addressing their clutter effectively. In the same spirit, I’d like to offer a glimpse into my world, so you feel more familiar with who I am as well” -Chris

My Story

After a dynamic 29-year career in the TV industry, I embraced a change when I was downsized, seizing the moment to expand my horizons by diving into computer graphics at SUNY Broome College. The challenge was invigorating, and I proudly made the President’s list upon graduation—a testament to determination and hard work. This paved the way for the birth of “Decluttering Chaos,” where I channel my passion for organization into helping others. 

Through the years, I’ve brought tranquility to numerous homes of family and friends, transforming chaos into peaceful sanctuaries. I stand by my promise to deliver that same sense of calm and reduced anxiety to you.

In my journey, I’ve also had the honor of helping clients navigate through their loved one’s estates, cherishing the stories each treasured item holds.

An orderly environment is more than just aesthetically pleasing—it’s a foundation for emotional and physical well-being. Let me help you lift the burden of disarray, turning your living space into a personal haven of peace.

What I Specialize In

Whether it’s your whole property or a single closet, I can help!

The kitchen, often the heart of the home, can easily become a hotspot for clutter. My expertise lies in transforming your culinary space. I ensure that every item in your kitchen is intuitively placed, making it a functional and welcoming space for you to enjoy.

Keeping you updated with photos and communication. Family treasures, donating, recycle or get rid of, go through everything.

U-haul or Roll off dumpster if necessary.

In bustling offices, the daily hustle and paperwork can lead to a cluttered environment. From files and paperwork to books and knick-knacks, clutter accumulates. I specialize in decluttering offices, restoring order to your workspace.

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary for relaxation. I work closely with you to create an organized and tranquil bedroom that feels like home. Your room will retain its special touch while becoming a serene haven for rest and rejuvenation.

Renting storage space can be costly. I excel at optimizing storage areas, playing storage Tetris to save you space, time, and money. Including closets, which often accumulate items we rarely use. I specialize in helping you declutter your closet, keeping what you want and donating the rest.

No project is too challenging. I’m prepared to tackle even the most complex decluttering tasks. Regardless of the circumstances, I’m here to guide you towards cleanliness and organization.

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“Chris dove right into organizing my living room after I moved into my new house, and got rid of the goat trails (and more) in short order! I’m mobility-impaired, and she also carried stuff out to the shed and upstairs. Can’t wait to have her back!”

Michael S.